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Faul & Wad AD vs Pnau – Changes

Label: WePLAY

Four angles, one Deep-House-plight: CHANGES. This red-hot sounding intercontinental groove-manifest is the funky must-have of any current DJ-set. Seriously stylish, CHANGES is on its way to becoming the next cracker on dance floors worldwide. Its big hitter Maxime aka FAUL has not just become synonymous for deep tunes with stirring melodies in his native France, but globally. “Happy Endings” its predecessor laid the jazzy trail on which CHANGES parades with irresistible warm vibe. Impossible to stand still to, CHANGES requests to move and shake all in all with its tingling sax-riff that sits on a gorgeously structured beat. FAUL is without a doubt, the hottest Deep-House-producer and CHANGES is the genius track that carries his enormous dance floor capabilities with gusto into the charts where they belong.

CHANGES’ mission started in FAUL’s Parisian sound-lab. The studio-whiz’ characteristically sense of tasty beats lead to an ear-docking groove, which typically creeps in calmly to make a strong, lasting impression. FAUL´s producer-buddy WAD AD from the Parisian north helped finding spot on fitting samples, which were found in a track by Australian dance-music-duo PNAU, a side-project of Empire Of The Sun. Once all was put together, CHANGES was universalized. Having just had entered the Internet, the track became an instant success, gaining millions of clicks. Ever since PNAU enthusiastically offered a feature for FAULs and WAD ADs mix, CHANGES’ mission is accomplished.

Remixes for CHANGES were produced by hot Deep-House-artist Robin Schulz, Stefan Dabruck and by legendary groove-generator Tocadisco.

  1. Faul & Wad AD vs Pnau – Changes (Original Mix)
  2. Faul & Wad AD vs Pnau – Changes (Tocadisco´s Sunny LA Remix)
  3. Faul & Wad AD vs Pnau – Changes (Stefan Dabruck Remix)
  4. Faul & Wad AD vs Pnau – Changes (Robin Schulz Remix)
  5. Faul & Wad AD vs Pnau – Changes (Radio Mix)



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